The Alpine Pizza Story 


Established in the middle of the COVID-19 era, Alpine Pizza opened their doors November 13th, 2020. A young entrepreneur, 23 year old Griffin wanted to bring better pizza to the valley along with a better pizza experience. Serving the best sourdough crust east of San Francisco, the Alpine Pizza sourdough starter is over 2 decades old. Griffin grew up watching his father create sourdough baked goods, and decided to take it a step further in 2020. Alpine Pizza is a representation of Idaho's best, so look no further, you've found home. We welcome all with open arms and an appetite. Cheers! 

Mission Statement 

Alpine Pizza strives to bring the best possible customer service at all times. Along with customer service, we work daily to ensure we bring our best product forward to make your pizza experience one to remember. We put our customers first, always. What makes you happy, makes us happy!  


Alpine Pizza's vision is to serve the best sourdough in Idaho, bringing the consumer a healthier bread option. Sourdough enzymes are the healthiest you will find in gluten based foods along with naturally formed sugars and microorganisms to give your gut something to love!